Final confrontation ragial term paper

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The Psychopathic
Racial Personality
. I-l a bullfight, there comes a time brutalized when afber beins while making innu_”*Utu .tu.g”r'”;’;;: movement of a cape, the bull finally turns and faces his adversary with the only move_”nt U”ing il ;;;”,;* bloody sides. It is belilv”O thuf ior the firsr timc her really sees the matador, and this final confrontation is known as ‘.the moment of truth.,, For the bull this moment comes too late. The experience of Black p”;;i; all over the world presents un unutogous situation. F’r hundreds of ytars they have U””i_, .f,u.ging at the banners that arc held by the Eurlfean (White) mata- dors. Those lranners havl been”nt”d by concepts such as democrar..v, capitalism, marxism, .”iigl”rr ,l_rJ education. And they remained lonrtu.,t as long as Blacks wt’r(, asst,ts. However, *ith t”.hnology and worldwidt, industr.ializationon the rampage resulting in a further exploitation of Africu,” which in turn produces an increase in Africa.s (Blacks.) nut;;n;i consciousness, Blacks are now a threat and a liabilitv to the White race and the banner frefa Uy tfr” ;;;#X represents only one concept_genocide. As a .;;.;- quence, the major research that White scientist; involved with today is genocidal in nature, €.g., nucle”a;r warfare, population control, medication control, genetic engineedng, psychosurgery, erectricar rti*uluiior,- nr the brain and the highly .o-plu* ..iurr”. of behavorial technology. Therefore, it is indeed glu.t., rno_”* truth and it is time for them to look at the matador. “i
tsobby E. Wright
This presentation is based upon a very simple
premise; namely, that in their relationship with the
Illack race, Europeans (Whites) are psychopaths and
their behavior reflects an underlying biologically
transmitted proclivity with roots deep in their evolutionary
history. The psychopath is an individual who is
constantly in conflict with other persons or groups. He
is unable to experience guilt, is completely selfish and
callous and has a total disregard for the rights of
olhers. This premise is supported by overwhelming
scientific evidence. (See references 1-6 ) T’here is a
scicntific dictum which states that “everything that
exists, exists in some amount and if it exists, it can be
One of the best methods that can be used to
measure the psychopathic traits of the White race is by
observing and analyzing their universal overt behaviors
and attitudes toward Blacks. However, in doing that,
since Blacks have been enslaved and colonized by
\\’hites, a very subtle psychological problem is posed
that every Black should be aware of, i.e., merely having
inteilectual insight about Whites does not insure that
there will be a corresponding change in Blacks’ behavior
and attitude toward them, even when there is a threat
involved or particularly when there is a threat involved.
For example, everywhere one finds Whites and Blacks
in close proximity to each other, the Whites are in
control, u’herther it is Chicago or Zimbabwe. Yet, Blacks
rarel,v question this extraordinary universal phenonrcnon
u,hich clefies every known statistical law of
probabilit-v. In fact, Blacks denounce those who simply
raise this cluestion with admonitions such as “we should
nol bc racists and treal them as they have treated us.”
I n reply to thc latter. Whites are not going to stand for
Illacks to treat them as they have treated Blacks so
The psychopathic Racial personalitv
that requires no discussion. Illack Howcver, the subject of racism shoulcl be discussJ. a functional defini_ tion of racism could be..the oppr”rrlo” and exploitation of peopre because of their .u.”.:’-urlng this definition, it is very clear that at this point ir”,1i_” Blacks cannot be racists becausc of thcir f o.f. oi anybody; whi;;, Indians, crhinese. .l::”t
to oppress
Black intellectual cnlightcnnr”nt Ano, not alwavs lcad t’ gernuine in^sight ,,n,i’it .,,; ;;;;;#;il;r;; the intellect as refrected b-v tn”-lr”rr””ior and attiturres of nrany eminernt Illack’,.iun,irir.’ l._,;; ;;;;;;,l”ir:: Kcnneth Il. Clark ha-. spt,nr iri:’iii,, rnaking ., rout of studying tht, riciinr, ,,t ttlt,it” opprcssion his own people-and n,*. spt,aks of the ,:1..”t,,r,,rr.r’,ri
color.”z Dr. Alvin poussaint, *to-.uu_. ;;;;;ilr”,; Publishing company’s psl.chiatrist rn rcsicr.ncr,, ignores the widc-spreacl g”nu.i.lui p.u*.un”,, clirectecl against Blacks and writes such trivia or:t,f-r., Uifference_ Bctween Sex and Love,., ,,Blacks ,”d ,i;;;_An Appeal for Unitr’ and .,Why
Blacks Xifi bfu”f…,,,
Blacks kill Blacks n”.ru* tirn” nurr” never bcen trained to kill Whires-, tf.u.]o.u, it is outside their ex periencc. I I istorically. t fr” nu.,,, encouraged the kiuinf
“i ei,.i, #;:in ffinTrl;: belen led to believe tf,ut tt oy ar” Or.i “, systcm, thel’ the psychopath,s simpJy foilow the f.actice. Dr. James (-omcr is anotht,r Black nrr.f,i”,.iI *n”. the psycho_ paLhs havc so overwhclm”.,i tfr”i-1″ has moved, as his b<rok suggcsts, ,Beyo nd Black. oni-Wnirne Cobbs and Grier follow this rradition
selves rather than their opp”rfo rB.-rio;.k-.;” i studying them_
B t a c k R a g e r r,

I w r,, l” ;- _;ri; ;#;. :: ;*”liii:,i i; kill themsel\.es.r0 Rlack .”i””iirt, g”‘nu.uity rationalize their investigations os-p.uuinf;;fi;t;” scientists that Blacks can be ..scientificaifv oij”.ii.,”.’,,O” the subiect
Bobby E. Wright
of objectivit-v in science, this author takes the position
‘f Dr’ Jacob carruthers in his brilriant essav on “science and Oppression. ” IJrother Carruther. – “science is rtut”, inut nob objective nor is it neutral.,.r5 A Black scientist who moves outside the psychopath.s ..ap,
proved course of study.. takes the chance o” U”i.’g labelled “unscientific, Lmotional, tiased,., etc. Addi_ tionally, funds are only available to Black scientists who support the approved course of study, which is themselves. Many very competent Blact strae.rts *nJ are naive about ..White scientific inquiry.. are flunked out of schools because of their insistence of studying
t he etiology of Black problems _ the psycho- paths-rather than the effect. Black students must be taught that White educational institutions are the matador’s cape that protects him from tslack scientific inquir,v which would expose an unthink”bl” d”;;;-;; psychopatholog-v.
In order to understand the psychopathic person- ality, one must clifferentiato beiween three classifi- cations: the neurotir:. tht, psychotic, and the p.y.h;- path. It rnust bt’ rt,nter’bercd ttut these definitions of psychopathology arc, the ones that hu.,,u b”u., u.tu- blished and adhered to by the World Health O.guniru tion’s International Classification of Diseasef i; contributions of Black people in determl”inf tf,”se classifications are almosi nonexistent. GenerJly, th; neurotic is a person who suffers a great deai over problems that are handled fairly routinely by u *ett adjusted personality. The major problem ftr .,”uroti”, is their inordinate amount of anxiety. However, in contrast to the psychotic, the neurotic has ,u”ry gooJ reality contact. The psychotic, in addition to U”ing-oui of touch with reality, has severe malfunctio”i”g-urJ
many times has to be hospitalized for to”g purioa, of
The Psychopathic Racial personalitv
time. This leaves the psychopath.
Scientists agree that without classification, there
is no science. For the disciplines of psychology and
medicine, it is not necessar]’ for labels and cliagn,st’s t,i
have concrete reality, i.c., they can lte retainc,d if tht,r.
are useful in understanding and treating clist,asr,. F.or
example, the majority of patients that are aclnritted or
committed to mental hospitals in this countr.r. aro
diagnosed as being schizophrenics, although tht,rt, is
not general agreement among ps-rrchiatrists ancl psl.
chologists on the definition of schizophrcnia. Hnrr.*,i.,
eve’n though it is not required, this presentation clocs
have “concrete reality,” namely, Europeans’ beha,u.ior
and attitudes toward Blacks. Behaviorai scicntists
generallv agree that lhe outstanding characte,ristics ol
the psychopathic personality arc tht, alnrost completc
absence of c’thical or moral development and an alnrost
total disregard for appropriatc patterns of bchavior.
l’his characte’ristic has led to a misundcrstanciing of tht,
psychopath, i.e., a belief that they do not know. tht,
difference between right and wrong. It is untrur,-ps).-
chopaths simply ignore the concept. Il.v ignoring this
trait in the White racc (the’lack <;f ethicai ancl nroral
development) Blacks have made and are still making a
tragic mistake in basing the worldw’ide’ Black Iiberation
movement on moral suasion. It is pathological for
Blacks to keep attempting to use moral suasion on a
people who have no morality where race is the variable .
Because of lack of ethical or nroral dcveloprne’nt
there is no conflict betwe.en the’ \\’hitcs’ religion
and racial oppression. The Whitc race had historicall,r
oppressed, exploited. anrl killed Black people. all in thc
nanle of their Gotl .lt’sus Christ anrl lvith the sanr,tion ol
their churchcs. Fol cxanrplr’, it is gcnerall.v or cr looktrl
that the Ku Klux Klan is primaril.r’ a lcligious or.ganiBobb-
v t). Wright
/.iltion and Rla<‘ks shorrld never forget the popc bltssing
t ht, Italian yrlant’s antl llilots on their way to bombing
l)thiopian nr(jn. won’rcn. and childrcn who only had
sl)r,irrs to rlt’lt,ntl t lrt’nrst’lr.r’s. This behavior is not
sLu’l)rising since Whit(‘s use the scriptures to justify
t ht’ir treatmcnt of lllacks. namely, the book of Genesis
n ht’reb-!’ Noah plact’d a curse on his son, Ham, forever
rlooming all of his descendants to be the servants of the
st’r’vants of God. Naturally, Whites interpreted Rlacks
as being the de’sccndents of Ham and themselves as
bling thc sen’ants of God. If one follows that interpretirtion,
an interesting question can be asked: ‘.If Ham
u’as Black and Noah was his father, then one must
assume, sincc Whitcs deny that Rlacks and \\/hites
sl)rang frorn Lhe same source (a position, incidentally,
that this wriler agrees with) that Noah was l]lack and
sinct’ Noah rl’as Black and onl.v allowed animals on the
,\r’k. . . ‘ Nou rvc know from an impeccable sourcc hor.l.
\\’hiles got ht’r’r’.
Irnlikc olht’r cxtreme pathoktgical syndromes, only
a \'(,r.\’ srrrall pt’rct’nt of psychopaths are committed to
nrrnlarl hospilals vi’ith another small percent ending up
in penal institutions. The majority of psychopaths
tunction in society very well. They are generally average
or alrove average in intelligence and have engaging
1;crsonalities. In addition, they are usually very impressivt’
and compertent with no feelings of insecurities,
itnxit’tics or any other manifestations or psychoneuroscs.
‘l’he.r’ appear to be very honest and humane but
|t,allY havt n0 concern or commitment except to their
, rn n st’lf ish intt,rcsts. Psychopaths will consistently
rrrrrkt, c’ontmitrltcnLs that they have no intentions of
lit’t’yring irnd show great indignation and anger when
tlrt,il intt’grit.r’ is clucstioned. Illacks in the United
\tat(‘s lt,ar-nt’tl this lesson vcry w’ell cluring thc ,’civil
The psychopalhic Iiacial I)e rsonalitv
rights” confrontation of the judges 60s. l’he whitc sheriffs and showed their grcatest hostility rvhcn Blacks bcgan to quote thc law to them. This behari;. ;;; clearly be seen in the White.s attitude toward .:gf”.l
liberation.” white “liberals” give lip servicc t” Bi;;; liberation but still articulare lne ..glack,
fast,” while the others think Blacks hav”e. “t iLr-.-i”;:*r-;i;. aiready.
wi.t h. The psychopath is usually sexually inadcquatc a very limited capacity to ftrm .fo””i”r.p*rlJrr)
relationships. The European,s sexual inua”qui”y’;;;_
chologically explains wh-v there is a constant projection toward Blacks as bcing super sexual beings ;”.i ;; having no sexual inhibitions. yet, it is the ir.;;;”;; who “streak.” ..mate
g*up,.’ participate i.,”r, ui… AII of their sexual behavior ii a desperate attempt on their part to achievg meaningful relationsfrip” ,if,i.f, constantly, due to their psychopathic rnuke-up
them. White’s sexual dysfunction has p.oduce,d “tfr”aag”ic. consequences in the Black communiiy. They have, attempted to achieve sexual gratificati”, b; .;;; methods as raping Black *o-“n with the .utio”ufl being that Black women were oversexed and invited their attention. Black men were castrated wibh the explanation being that their ..animal passions.. had to be contained, and one White doctor, Frank lyarto. nf chicago, in 1893 proposed that castration woulcl conserve the energy of the Black community. The sustained sexual atrocities committed against the Black race by thc White race has no parallel in historf unJ there is no scientific explanation except under the rubric of psychopathology.
Psychopaths’ inability to accept blame and inabir. ity to learn from previous
proven. They never accept b”la*mpoe. ifuonr “B” laccakns ‘b e easily en,ri.or.,-
Bobby E. Wright
mental conditions which are clearly the result of White
oppression. On the contrary, Blacks are held responsible
for the deterioration of their communities even though
all of the property is White controlled. In addition,
municipal services are withdrawn from Black communities
and most of these communities have been ‘.usedup”
before Blacks are allowed to move into them.
In the fields of mental health and drug abuse,
Whites are at their psychopathic best. The United
States g,evernment’s position on drug users is that
addicts are cured when they cease anti-social behavior,
regardless of how long they have to be “maintained” on
methadone or other drugs. Drs. Jerome Jaffe and
Edward Senay, the czars of the U.S. Drug Abuse
Program, with the assistance and protection of Black
addicts and “ex-addicts,” have created one of the most
destructive programs in the Black community, namely,
the “methadone maintenance” program. The United
States government is the largest supplier of drugs to
addicts in the Black community. Senay takes the
position that Black addicts should not be given
“placebos”* or just plain orange juice. This writer takes
the position that if “sexually frustrated” suburban
White housewives can be given “sugar pills” rather
than real drugs, why can’t Black addicts be given
orange juice without the methadone since they cannot
tell the difference? Senay states that giving Black
addicts pure orange juice without the methadone is
“unethical.” Therefore, it can be deduced that doctors
such as Senay believe that it is an “honorable” act to
give Blacks drugs. Community mental health centers
are in such disarray that space does not permit an
adequate discussion. They are underfunded and therefore
understaffed with the usual staffing pattern
consisting of all White professionals and all Black
‘A relatively neutral substance given in the place of medication
more for the patient’s psychological than physical needs. Although
the patient might believe he is receiving medication, he is not.
The Psychopathic Racial Personality
lowly-paid non-professionals. Additionally, almost
every existing center uses the “medical model,” i.e., the
belief that the major problem is the Black person
without any regard to his circumstances or environment.
Furthermore, the center and government agencies
are heavily influenced by the American Medical Association
which is one of the most overt racist and
probably the most powerful organization in the United
States. A very vicious funding game is played with
Black mental health centers in which the U.S. Government
supplies funds with the stipulation being that the
Black community must find “matching funds.” Needless
to say, there are usually no matching funds for Black
mental health programs, therefore, the federal funds
revert back to the U.S. Government.
Psychopaths also reject constituted authority and
discipline. The presence of this trait in the White race
has grave implications for Blacks who seek legal
solutions to their problems. This especially applies to
the Blacks in the United States who are the world’s
only legally created group, namely, through the i3th,
14th, and 15th amendments which can be repealed at any
moment by the Congress or declared unconstitutional
by the Supreme Court. As long as this condition exists
Black people in the United States will always be legally
five minutes away from slavery. For Blacks in the
United States to place their destiny in the hands of
Supreme Court Justices is an extreme form of psychological
blindness and a pathological rejection of historl’.
The Supreme Court of the United States has alwavs
used the prevailing White political climate as rh(‘
criterion in dealing with questions of race. For examplc.
as a result of that “infamous” 1954 school desegragation
decision, Blacks have lost an estimated 35,000 teaching
and administrative positions in the South. Former
Bobby E. Wright
Black principals of Black schools are now janitors in
integrated schools and the same thing is going to
happen to Black teachers in the North. Eventually, the
Supreme Court is going to find the 1954 decision
“unconstitutional” but by that time Whites will have
taken over all Black schools including the Black colleges.
The psychopathic behavior of Supreme Court
Justices is consistent with that of other White professionals,
e.g., lawyers, doctors, judges, and politicians..
They consistently take advantage of Blacks without
any guilt, anxiety, or threat to their self-esteem. For
example, in the Black community, White doctors are
the largest group of “drug pushers.” They prescribe
unneeded and dangerous drugs along with performing
unnecessary operations. White scientists use Blacks in
very destructive studies, e.g., the Tuskegee experiment
where Black men were denied treatment for syphilis
and there is some evidence that many could have been
deliberately infected.
The role that White scientists have played in
Black oppression should not be surprising to Blacks for
they have been the planners of Black oppression and as
a rule never ask “why” but only “how,” This behavior of
White scholars, e.g., Jensen and Schockley, are classic
examples of intelligence in the service of racist institutions.
or psychopathic behavior. Jensen and Schock-
Icv arc sinrpl,v following the psychopathic tradition of
I Ie’ge l, Carl.vle, Galton, etc., that has continucd for
hunrlreds of .vcars. I-listory is replete with examples of
White scit’ntists iustifying tht”‘inferiority” of the Black
lac’t,. ‘l’ht’rt’ u’as tht’t’mincnt Dr. Samuel Cartwright of
Louisiana lvho cliagnosed lJlacks who ran away from
slavc olvners as having a cliseasc of the mind’rl I)r.
Itobcrt IJean ol ,loltns Hopkins University in 1906
Ihe Psychopathic Racial Personalitl’ 1l
proposed that Blacks had smaller brains than Whites
and since “brain efficiency” depended on the number
and position of nerve cells and fibers in the brain,
Blacks had less capacity for development than Whites.l2
Dr. Carl Jung, one of the White giants of psychology
stated that White Americans’ sexual inadequacy was
due to their having to live together with a barbaric race
(Blacks). The Whites’ use of scientific justification for
racial oppression can be found in even the most
inadequate library. What makes White scientists such
as Schockley and Jensen so dangerous to the Black
community today is that not only do they present socalled
“scicntific proof” of the Black threat but they
also offer solutions, and with the present level of
technology available to them, should not be taken
lightly. However, it is self-defeating and useless for
Black scientists to debate on the question of race with
White scientists such as Schockley and Jensen using
the mass media. White scientists simply want exposure
of their ideas. Additionally, it is pathological for a
Black to discuss the question of whether Blacks should
exist or not with Whites. For all other people, simply
raising a question about their existence is tantamount
to a declaration of war.
This then is the psychopathic personality of the
matador. The one constant in this ever changing world
is the behavior of the White race in their relationships
with Blacks. This is a very challenging problem and the
inevitable question is “what should Blacks do?” One
dilemma that is posed for Black people is the consistent
appeal that is made for liberation by them through
channels created for them by the psychopaths, namely,
democracy and communism (marxism). A cursory
examination of both systems immediately points out
the futility of Blacks giving them any more consiiJobby
E. Wright
deration” Blacks must accept the reality that for the
White race, democracy and racial oppression are not
conflicting ideals. The fact that Blacks have been
enslaved for over 850 years by a dernocratic form of
government should be evidence enough. Furthermore,
a democratic government presupposes an inherent
equality of races, therefore, it does not provide methods
of liberation for those who are not equal. Communism.
can be dismissed as an aiternative with even less
discussion. For it to be viable requires cooperation of
the masses of the White’race and, with that being the
primary condition, needs no further consideration.
However, since Blacks have finally rejected clemocracy
as an alternative by attempting to burn down its
bastion, the United States, there are signs that it is
now time for the marxists (communist) to try to contain
them. ‘I’hey have enlisted some formidable Black allies,
e.g., throughout Africa, the Black heads of state have
rejected race as a criterion for struggle. The Black
leaders go to great lengths to deny our struggle is
racial, yet, the only truly independent nations on the
African continent are those headed by the Wtrite invaders.
One of the greatest tragedies is the relationship
between Blacks and the Arabs. For Blacks to accept
the Arabs as an-vthing but White invaders is a pathological
denial of realitl’. in the oil crisis, the slave
traders from the North (,\rabs) treated Black Africa
worse than they treated some European nations which
is consistent behavior for \Vhite ps1’chopaths. No White
nation in the world encourages Black immigration but
there is a great effort throughout the world to “integrate”
Again, the question of what to do. There is no
evidence that the Black and White races can live in
The Psychopathic Racial personality
close proximity to each other in peace, attempting without Whites to oppress and exterLinate the Blacks. In fact, there is overwhelming
“”iA”n”” that even White
lthnic_groups cannot ti”J togelh!.,
English, Greeks and Turks, iruU, a”.ngd., JIeriwssh. aetncd. Behavorial scientists generally ug.”” that there is n<r known cure for the psychopuit,. f””}act, it tr-;il;; held belief that the
,u”.”rsful treatment for the psychopath is incarceration, radical p.y.ho_ru.g;;] death’ Therefore, this writer . ;; rs force-d io’,i,,,i
since Blacks are at war with psychopaths, uiolence is
!bhr9il lioannUt way. Brother Lerone Bennett proposed in his essay entitlecr “‘r’ime. spu.” and llc’orution… that “it is hard to tell time by revolutionary, A paraphrase of that statemenL would be that it is hard to tell directions by a revolutionary compass. Being unfamiliar with the terrain and the instrument has disoriented Blacks with the result being various i.r.a”_ quate and dangerous behavorial patterns. Some have become catatonic and do not move at all but wait for divine intervention; others place their faith and in charismatic guides wto are just as lost as th””;”;.;*;;;;; Blal\s
-seem to ignore Brother Bennett,s…ingi;
truth-ful warning that .,history does not forgiv” th;;; who lose their way.” still others fantasize that Bracks have reached their destination and attempt to act accordingly-as free-men; some perservere and pursue old beaten paths that invariably lead buck to th.l starting point. But there are others whose rni.rd, hu…,,” moved past the psychopath.s imposed boundari”, ;;i they have begun to blaze new paths toward Bracks. rendezvous with destiny. So it was with Chaka in the 1700’s, Dessalines in the 1g00’s, Martin R, Delany in 1852, Henry Turner in lgg0, Marcus Garvey in”the
1920’s, Malcolm X and H. Rap Brown in the ttiOO., u.,J
Bobby E. Wright
Chancellor Williams in the 1970’s. The answer to Blacks’
problems can be found in the works and lives of those
Black heroes mentioned above, for they all looked at
the matador or psychopath for what he was and is and
moved against him.
A Luta Continua-Lisima Tush inde Mbilshaka
(The struggle must continue-and we wiII conquer
without a doubt).
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Black Suicide:
Lynching By AnY Other Name
trs Still LYnching
to analyze the influence of racism on Black behavior
and att-itudes, and, at the same time, escape the almost
irresistable protective barrier of Western scholarship’
ru-“ly “the analysis of the victim”‘There is no question
that t”his “analysis of the victim” methodology (which
oroblerns)has been a major “scientific” development of
it;il;.i;ntists because it effectively leads awav from
the cause of Blacks’condition which is White pathology’
One result is the position taken by some that the Black
masses should not be informed of our truly weak
fosition for fear of immobilizing them (a condition
i” already exists), while others deny that Whites
have any power over Blacks at all’ The confusion is
caused by-the powerful, but subtle White Concept of
‘lir”” *’iti,” namely, that people always have’
therefore, they can be held responsible for their behavior.
the danger in exposing the human personality .to
threatening emotional stimuli which threatens its
existence. However, there comes a time when the risk of
u”po”r’rr” is insignificant when compared to the altgrnative,
and to paraphrase a mental health truth-“the
e.”ut””t pathology ln the world is for people to believe
just because they wish it to be so'”
Black Suicide
In the not too distant past, suicide in the Black
community was virtually non-existent. In. fact, tn
considering all possibilities of life and death, suicide for
Blacks was not an option. Further, all the traditional
reasons that have been projected as enhancing the
suicide dynamic did not manifest themselves in the
Black community. On the contrary, the conditions that
produced the feelings of helplessness, hopelessness,
powerlessness, etc., which create havoc for European
people, seemed to have strengthened the resolve of
Blacks who considered them as being part of our destiny.
Therefore, suffering for Blacks was and is a way of
bf.e, not death. It was out of this cultural imperative
that the “Blues” developed (and is now being stolen)
and revealed the incomparable “Soul of Black Folks.”
It should be noted that centuries before Whites
“discovered” existentialism, Blacks had accepted (unfortunately)
that “to live is to suffer and the ultimate test
is the meaning a people find in that suffering which
dictates the way they live and die.”
Given this historical reality, the question must be
raised as to how could a people, who in the worst of
times endured, now allegedly reflect one of the highest
suicide rates in the United States? In view of that
question, it is generally assumed by Black and White
scientists alike that traditional research analysis can be
applied to the allegedly Black suicide phenomena in
order to understand its dynamic. However, as this
author and colleagues have warned time and time
again, the most serious error a Black scientist can make
is to utilize European definitions and analysis in
attempting to understand and explain Black phenomena.
There is no denying the fact that “they who have
the power to define, rule.”
Bobby E. Wright
To remove any element of doubt’ I am proposlng
that what is termed gtacL suicide is really deliberate
race murder which it;”t* committed by Whites in the
United States’ iltt; ln the United States have
achieved their ”specified environment” as postulated
bv Watson u”a Sxlin”tlitt”*t”re’ they mustte hEId
;:#;ffi;l;;;;;u’io’ ot its inhabitants’ rhere is
little disag,”u’n”t’i
behavorial scientists who
attest to the fact that situations can be contrived in a
manner which *iti^l;fl”;;ce people to engage in selfdestructive
behavior’ Further’ onc-e it is determined
that such u tottOitiJt”^”tta the behavior’ the focus of
;;;”””;i;; .i’ittt ttorn tttt victim to the perpetrator’
*n”re Blacks are involved’ –
Political U’ui”*uttting is a violation of the Geneva
Convention “tt”‘ got'”‘ning t.he tleltment of prisoners
of war: and there ?t”iriii” JZubt that a psvchotherapist
would be charged with a criminal act if it were
determined that a patient’ even one who had consented’
had been “t’to”‘ui”J
lo co-tit-a self-destructive act
which ied to i”j;;-;”^;l d”uttt’ Yet’ the treatment of
Blacks in the U”il”a States is unparalleled in history’
and they are subjected to far more serious psychological
erLracks than thoJe’o**ri”a with prisoners of war’ To
delihreratel)’ p’;;;^ u–p”opt” from developing lifesustaining
options at’d io promote conditions of selfclesrruction
i. # ; J ienocide. Therefore, Black
suicicle is a rncthod “iL””ttiOt lhich is being promoted
and controu”a ,i”riJiia” t y the white race’ consecluently’,
thcre is no such phenom-ena as “Black suicide”
when suicicle i’ d;li;;J “s
the willful and deliberate act
of taking one’s or’r’n life’
Rv lhis ti*;’ tht’ ;eade.r should be aware that I am
rrsing u,lt’n-ttut]itt”””i^onroach in examining “Black
suicitlL’,” ancl it is based on zr very simple premise: that
Illack Suicide
Blach suicid.e Ls a political dynamic. For political
reasons, Blacks are being programmed for self-iestruction
and “Black suicide” is one of the results. Lynching
by any other name is still lynching. The method thal
has been developed and is now being implemented
cannot be found in any of the litcrature or in any
research data, but it is one of the greatest discoveries of
psychology. The author has classified this process as
“mentacide,” (Wright, 19?6) which is defined as the
deliberate and systematic destruction of a group’s minds
with the ultimate objective being the extirpati,on of the
group.” For example, the acceptance by Blacks of the
concept of “free will” absolves Whites of any responsibility
for their victims’ condition. In faci, Whites
have developed an effective defense mechanism, namely,
“the guilt of the victim.” It is so effective that their
victims accept their plight as being,,God’s will.”
It should be noted that “mentacide” is a worldwide
phenomena which is being implemented against the
entire Black race. Therefore, Blacks in Africa will begin
to manifest the behavior of Blacks in the United Statls.
It’s also clear that there is a direct correlation between
the level of White involvement and control of Black
institutions and Black self-destruction.
This analysis should not be surprising to anyone
who has studied European history and is familiar with
their objective of world domination: and due to the
rising level of consciousness and Black nationalism
which threaten that process, mentacide was developed.
Approximately, fifty-five years ago, a White professor
of psychology at the University of Chicago proclaimed
to the world this prophesy: “Give me a dozen healthy
infants, well-informed, and my own specified world to
bring them up in, and I’ll guarantee to take any one at
random and train him to become any type of specialist
20 Bobby E. Wrighr
I might select-doctor, lawyer, artist, merchant, chief,
and yes, beggar-man and thief, regardless of hi. t”il;;;; penchants, tendencies, abilities, vocations, and the race
of his ancestors (Watson, 1924).”
The popularly called ,,behavior modification’, is a highly complex “qcience” which is underrated and generally ignored by Black behavioral scientists. yet,
any Black with a cursory knowledge “experimental of B.F. Skinner,s analysis of behavior” should recognize its potential danger to our community, where
situation is under the control of the white race. It” “.aruls.yl
clearly defines the Black Community as still being
enslaved and the prophesy of B.F. Skinner in Beyon’d
Freedom and Dignity is now a reality (Skinner, tgltl.
Skinner articulated that it is possible io ,,delude,; people
into believing that they have the essence of life_
freedom and digriity-and still control them. It should be clear that there cannot be an analysis
of “Black suicide” using traditional white techniques
because to do so would assume an inherent equaiity
between Blacks and Whites. It ignores the prevention
of opportunity, options, and control by Blacks over their
own destiny. In fact, a critical analysis of even White
suicide would raise serious questions concerning the
validity of Durkheim’s (the penultimate, White ,tod,,
of suicide theory) basic premise that the suicide rate for
any given social-area population varies inverselv with
the “stability and durability” of sociar relationships
within population (Durkheim,. 1951). For example, tle
death of a U.S. soldier who thiew himself on a grenade,
would be classified as an ,,altruistic” suicide by
Durkheim, and the soldier considered a person who has
lost his personal identity as a result of the group’s
authority becoming dominant, and he sacrificed his iife
for the group. Yet the U.S. Army does not treat
Black Suicide
or identify a soldier who commits suicide. on such an act as a the contrary, he is considered a hero and given the highest honois. Ho*”rr”., a kamikaze Japa- nese pilot who crashes his plane into an American shio is considered,,crazy” and ,,suicid”l.;. Fr;il;; #;;J: then propose and receive ,”*””..f, grants with the stated purpose of attempting to u.rJerstarrd the ,,Asian.,
In view of this-discussion, it should be very clear that the problem of so-called ni; suicide cannot be resolved at this time. To believe otherwise presupposes a sense of direction and level of power that does not exist in the Black community. filru is no intent to imply that our situation i. rtop”r”.r since a solution is readily available: the creatio” of u” african world_view through the development of u Bi;;k Sociat Th;;.y.1 social theory determines the destiny of a d;i; ;; establishing objectives and guidelines for their exis_ tence. It defines their relationship with other living things, it defines values and rituaii, methods of ch’d- rearing and education, etc. The ultimate achievement of a Black Social Theory would U” th” reintegration of a worldwide Black culture.
trlxampre after example can be cited about how Blacks have attempted to .esolve p.obt”^, ,h-il; variety of efforts orrly to end up in a weaker position. For example, the aftermath of the igOO,, or our present condition proves the importance oi u grulk’s;;i
Theory’ Blacks in the 196b’s *e.u di’uided along *i* social theoretical lines only to end up with the same pre-60’s choices, namely, Wt it” capitalism or White Marxism. Without a Black Sociai fheory, we will continue to stumble heed that profound AllfrroicuaSih history. It is time for us to prorr”.6,’that, ,,If you don.t know where you are going, u”y ,oua’*itt get you there…
llobby E. Wright
Black Social Theory will not only tell us where we are
going, but will also explain what to expect once we
Ichi&e our goal. It will not be self-destructive!
A Luta continua-a uitoria e certa (The struggle
will continue and uictory is certain’)

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