Why The three controls must be noun phrases

Ms. Betty Davis Page 1
(English 102)
***Effective writing is 90% planning (i.e., planning page, sentence outline, & essays 1st draft) and 10% actual
writing (i.e., essay being revised, proofread, and edited; all final drafts). Each step below must be approved.
I. PLANNING PAGE STEPS (A step must be approved before you move forward to the next step):
1. Select a broad topic.
2. Narrow your broad topic by answering: which one? Do not choose your first answer and second
answers. Your chosen third answer will be your narrow topic.
Write the narrow topic as a NOUN PHRASE, not as a complete sentence.
3. Thesis: The noun phrase in Step #2 will be the actual subject in your thesis statement, which must contain three
controlling points (do not select the first, second, or third point that pops into your mind). The three controls must
be noun phrases. ***Read this third step again; then, follow the thesis sentence pattern below:
Thesis: , _______, and _______ + participial phrase(s) or infinitive phrase(s) [For all literature analysis
essays: at the end of this formula, please attach the following: as established throughout + title of that literary work, + by + authors
4. Create your brainstorm list to provide two specific characteristics for each of the three controlling ideas in step #3
by answering which one? or what kind? Each specific characteristic must be created as Noun Phrase or Gerund
Phrases, not as complete sentences. See the Planning Page format template below.
The final draft of your Planning Page must be typed after all four steps are approved.
(Use: double spacing, Times New Roman font, and size 12)
David Smith
Ms. Davis
English 102, Section 150
September 29, 2016
Planning Page
3. Thesis:
4. Brainstorm List:
Ms. Betty Davis Page 2
II. THE SENTENCE OUTLINE: Use a separate page. Type final draft of outline
Directions: Using step #4 from your Planning Page, place each noun/gerund phrase in its
corresponding subject and its A & B positions in the outline template below. Next, you
must create sentences by following each sentence pattern in the outline template below. Use
only present tense action verbs (see page 7). Do not underline your title; do not use quotation
marks around your title. Outlines must be approved before you complete your essay.
Title (Create your title)
Thesis: (Use your same thesis statement from step#3 in your Planning page; make sure you do not change it).
I. Subject + action verb + __A__ and __B__ + participial phrase(s)) or infinitive phrase(s).
A. Subject + action verb + direct object (noun phrase, noun, or gerund phrase) + participial phrase(s) or infinitive phrase(s).
B. Subject + action verb + direct object (noun phrase, noun, or gerund phrase) + participial phrase(s) or infinitive phrase(s).
II. Subject + action verb + __A__ and __B__ + participial phrase(s) or infinitive phrase(s).
A. Subject + action verb + direct object (noun phrase, noun, or gerund phrase) + participial phrase(s) or infinitive phrase(s).
B. Subject + action verb + direct object (noun phrase, noun, or gerund phrase) + participial phrase(s) or infinitive phrase(s).
III. Subject + action verb + __A__ and __B__ + participial phrase(s) or infinitive phrase(s).
A. Subject + action verb + direct object (noun phrase, noun, or gerund phrase) + participial phrase(s) or infinitive phrase(s).
B. Subject + action verb + direct object (noun phrase, noun, or gerund phrase) + participial phrase(s) or infinitive phrase(s).
1. Type essays using the MLA style format; check the textbook for the correct typing MLA format.
2. Do not create a cover page for MLA style format. However, some professors might require you to create one.
3. Use the double-spacing setting for your planning page, sentence outline, and essay.
4. Use 12-size font and Times New Roman font only.
5. Top margin must be half inch; left and right margins must be one inch; bottom margin must be one inch. Do not
JUSTIFY (blocked-even alignment) right margins.
6. Do not use bold type. Use a staple to bind your pages.
7. Essays must be at least two full pages long (Down to the bottom margin) or 2-3 pages long.
Do not put page numbers on your Planning page and outline. See Format on page five.
Do not put page numbers on your Planning page and outline.
8. Use your textbooks grammar rules and the grading chart to proofread, revise, and edit your planning page,
outline, and essay before turning them in.
9. Turn in the following: planning page, sentence outline, and essay; staple these three items together.
10. Printer or computer malfunctions will not be used as excuses for turning in late essays. Therefore, do not
wait until the day/night before or until the due date to type and to print your essay. Do not procrastinate!
Ms. Betty Davis Page 3
Essays must contain five paragraphs. Use the same title from your outline. Follow all directions below:
INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH (Indent paragraph only once): (Total: 5 sentences)
1. Create one opening sentence to get your readers attention: use one simple sentence form.
Do not create sentences that ask questions; only use declarative (statement) type sentences within your
introductory paragraph.
2. Create three general overview information sentences about your general topic found in step #1 in your
planning page. Do not include information from outline: use complex, compound, or compoundcomplex sentence forms.
3. Type the transitional phrase, For example, followed by a comma; then, write your same thesis statement
from your outline.
THREE BODY PARAGRAPHS: Use the diagrams below to create your three body paragraphs.
Indent each body paragraph only once.
Note: provide four supporting sentences: compound, complex, or compound-complex sentence forms only to
explain each A & B subtopic sentences. Your topic sentences As & Bs are already your lead-in sentences.
[I] —————————————————————————————————————————————————————.
For example, [A]—————————————————————————————————————————————————.
In addition, [B]——————————————————————————————————————————————————.
For instance, [A] ——————————————————————————————————————————————————-.
In addition, [B] ———————————————————————————————————————————————————.
To illustrate, [A]———————————————————————————————————————————————————.
In addition, [B] ———————————————————————————————————————————————————–.
Ms. Betty Davis Page 4
CONCLUDING PARAGRAPH: (indent paragraph only once); (Total: 5 sentences)
1. Your concluding paragraph must sound as if you are truly ending your essay or providing awareness to cause
your reader to reflect or to take action.
2. Do not summarize your body paragraphs because this will cause you to be repetitious.
3. Do not create sentences that ask questions.
4. Your conclusion must contain five sentences: use complex, compound, or compound-complex sentences forms.
5. These five sentences must contain present tense action verbs.
6. Do not use the following pronouns: I, me, we, my, mine, our, you, your, yourself, or myself.
7. Read The Do Not Use List and The Remember to Use List and grammar rules in your textbook when you
proofread all five of your paragraphs.
THE DO NOT USE LIST: Do not use the following at any time:
Contractions, the future tense, the past tense, the imperative mood (command sentences),
you, your, yourself, I, me, my, mine, our, we, us, one, slang, profanity, informal usage,
should, could, would, the following pronoun combinations: he or she, her or him, his or
hers, he/she, her/him, his/hers; more than six linking verbs (is & are), more than three
verb phrases for each paragraph; the words thing: something, everything, nothing,
anything, white-out , pencil or pen, and fancy/plain folders. Do not use a Cover
page. Do not use bold type. Do not begin sentences with adverbs or with conjunctive
Adverbs. Do not type/print your essays on the day before or on the due date of the essay
because you will need enough time to deal with any computer or printer malfunctions
which will never be used as an excuse for lateness.
Do not email any assignments unless Ms. Davis instructs you to do so.
Do not use plagiarism which is simply lying, stealing, and cheating.
If you use the Internet and any other sources (i.e., books, magazines, journals, newspaper,
and manuals) to avoid plagiarism. Always use your own words whenever you create essays
for this course.
Plagiarism is also buying a research paper/essay from an Internet site, copying the entire
or parts of a research paper/essay, using your previous research paper/essay from another
course without getting permission from your current Professor, using or copying a friends
or relatives research paper/essay, and using an authors words/ideas without providing
correct documentation to indicate that you have borrowed an authors words/ideas.
Ms. Betty Davis Page 5
THE REMEMBER TO USE LIST: Perform the following at all times:
Use action verbs throughout your thesis, outline, and essay; use the present tense, the
indicative mood, formal usage, concrete nouns, vivid adjectives; the third person pronouns
(he, she, his, her, it, they, them); use only a limit of six linking verbs (is & are); study all
handouts regularly; use a limit of three verb phrases for each paragraph if they are
needed; one staple to bind your pages, self-proofreading only (plagiarism still occurs when
allowing someone to proofread/edit your essay without Professors permission: students
will never be given this permission in this class because you need to gain confidence in
finding and correcting your own errors), type planning page/outline/essay (use MLA
style): use only the double spacing setting and size 12 font: Times New Roman, the correct
margin settings, read textbook for correct grammar rules, and use the Grading Chart to
proofread your essays or research papers; use The Different Methods for Beginning and
Constructing Your Sentences Section on page six to avoid beginning each sentence with a
noun, noun phrase, or pronoun; come for tutoring regularly if you are having problems
with grammar rules or with The Writing Process.
Internet Usage: If you use the Internet, make sure you do not copy and paste or simply
type sentences of paragraphs or sections from a website. This will be plagiarism. Always
use your own words whenever you create essays for this course.
However, you may only use the Internet to help you with the correct spelling for places,
names, and objects. You may also use the Internet to gain a basic knowledge of your topic,
to look at images to help you, or to find specific ideas about your topic. At the end of your
outline, provide the link(s) to all of your chosen website(s) to avoid plagiarism.
Format for numbering your essay pages:
Only number your essay pages; use the MLA format (Smith 1; Smith 2; Smith 3,
Smith 4, Smith 5, etc.): Use the Header or Page Number feature.
No page numbers for your planning page and outline. Only number your essay
Turn in the following items: Final drafts of your typed planning page,
typed sentence outline, and typed essay on time to avoid earning the threeletter grade reduction for lateness.
**Only turn in final drafts that do not have my red ink written on them.
Ms. Betty Davis Page 6
Different Methods For Beginning and Constructing Your Sentences
Note: Choosing to always begin each sentence with a noun, pronoun, or noun
phrase will cause you to create repetitious, stiff, and inflexible
To avoid creating stiff repetitious sentence forms, at least begin and
construct a few of your sentences using the methods below.
Use these sentence form patterns below to make sure you are providing sentence
variety throughout your introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and
concluding paragraph. These are only a few sentence form patterns; feel free to create
your own patterns.
(**keep and learn the punctuation or no punctuation in each sentence form patterns below)
1. Participial phrase, IC + DC. = (Complex sentence form)
2. Infinitive phrase, IC + DC + DC. = (Complex sentence form)
3. Prepositional phrase, IC + IC + DC. = (Compound-complex sentence form)
4. Gerund phrase + action verb + any phrase + DC. = (Complex Sentence form)
(as the subject)
5. Adverb Clause, + IC. = (Complex sentence form)
6. Adverb Clause, + IC + participial phrase. = (Complex sentence form)
7. Adverb Clause + DC, + IC. = (Complex sentence form)
8. Noun clause + verb + any phrase. = (Complex sentence form)
(as subject)
9. Noun clause + verb + any phrase + DC. = (Complex sentence form)
(as subject)
10. Noun clause + verb + any phrase; IC. = (Compound-complex sentence form)
(as subject)
Ms. Betty Davis Page 7
SAMPLE ACTION VERBS (These are only a few; try to create your own as well):
(These verbs are all singular because they end in s or es. To make verbs plural, drop the s or
es; drop the ies and add the y) [You may also use the Action Verbs List Handout]
creates, suggests, shows, indicates, reveals, illustrates, speculates, describes, considers,
expresses, exposes, discloses, uncovers, unveils, demonstrates, provides, unmasks, divulges,
gives, clarifies, explains, paints, portrays, elucidates, depicts, draws, represents, characterizes,
pictures, signals, establishes, exhibits, confirms, presents, erodes, examines, develops, deepens,
promotes, prepares, allows, influences, infects, bends, calculates, expedites, incorporates,
integrates, includes, embraces, contains, analyzes, questions, explores, discovers, denotes,
intensifies, endorses, advances, helps, supports, expands, contemplates, reflects, observes,
detects, delivers, impedes, hinders, obstructs, falters, weakens, strengthens, assures, promises,
declares, holds, grips, initiates, informs, showcases, offers, touches, serves, transfers, unfolds,
violates, utilizes, surrenders, tosses, tracks, redeems, teases, spreads, placates, receives, poses,
stifles, raises, unifies, unites, subdues, smears, submerges, undoes, undertakes, untangles, strikes,
smears, provokes, stifles, elevates, formulates, fixes, accelerates, compiles, abandons,
commands, accuses, consolidates, ascertains, mocks, moves, instigates, monitors, gathers, marks,
manages, manipulates, controls, berates, assembles, assesses, attacks, attains, brightens, discards,
distributes, grasps, expels, penetrates, diverts, parades, guides, pauses, switches, regains, seizes,
recommends, shapes, rallies, purchases, sidesteps, resists, processes, studies, supplies, moves,
withdraws, reforms, reports, surveys, scares, slashes, summons, duplicates, vanquishes, treats,
shields, reviews, isolates, defines, calculates, orders, passes, extends, arranges, judges, displays,
dissects, dominates, computes, endures, influences, launches, prompts, suspends, protects,
sways, snares, updates, watches, teaches, targets, measures, avoids, shatters, salutes,
mobilizes, obtains, inspires, injects, obfuscates, mystifies, swindles, packs, perceives, extirpates,
solves, salutes, shortens, severs, anticipates, achieves, glorifies, improvises, induces,
underscores, wants, needs, foreshadows, targets, throws, trounces, symbolizes, flaunts,
communicates, consolidates, unpacks, merges, redirects, allocates, determines, reproduces,
resolves, prohibits, exhibits, questions, leads, immunizes, strains, drains, outlines, modifies,
signifies, implements, puts, retains, updates, groups, highlights, encounters, surpasses, reduces,
overcomes, affirms, ponders, transmits, denounces, expresses, mitigates, softens, forces,
promotes, exterminates, surpasses, transforms, revolutionizes, simplifies, alters, views,
Ms. Betty Davis Page 8
(5 points)
(4 points)
(3 points)
(2 points)
(1 point)
a. Outline (form, margins, indentation, neatness, title,
sentence from)
b. Planning Page: margins, format, name
c. Essays title, margins, neatness, spacing, name
d. Thesis statement
e. Organization (paragraph formatting; last name with
page numbers)
f. Introduction
g. Conclusion
h. Consistency with outline: follow same order
i. Adherence to subject and central idea
j. Development of ideas
k. Topic sentences
l. Unity
m. Coherence
n. Logical thinking
o. Order of movement
p. Transitional Phrases/devices
q. Supporting sentences (clear; correct sentence forms:
cx, c, or ccx)
r. Typed according to MLA Style Format
s. Length (2 full pages 3 )
t. Revision/Proofreading/Editing


Value Point X Number of Errors

a. Subject-Verb Agreement 2
b. Linking verbs (only allowed to use 6 total) Fixed: 7 pts 7 or more
c. Shifts in verb tense or person 2
d. Fragments 2
e. Run-on Sentence/comma splice sentences 2
f. False or vague reference of pronouns 2
g. Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement 2
h. Misspelled words; informal/slang words 2
i. Dangling/misplaced Modifiers 2
j. Faulty Parallelism 2
k. Faulty Punctuation and capitalization 2
l. Contractions 2
subtotal: [ ]
FINAL GRADE FOR THIS ESSAY: __________________________
(cs + gs = sum 2)
Ms. Betty Davis Page 9
Two Methods of Analysis
Used for literary and non-literary material
I. The Interpretative Method
1. This method allows you to provide your own opinion about a poem, a play, a novel, a
short story, a movie, a song, a video game storyline, a survey/report, a project, a
newspaper article, a journal article, etc.
2. Providing your own opinion shows your understanding of a literary material or any other
kind of published or self-generated material.
3. To avoid being accused of committing Plagiarism, never use the Internet, other sources, or
other books whenever you use the Interpretative Method of Analysis. You must use your
own words to provide your understanding and judgment of the primary source from which
you are creating your essay or research paper.
II. The Literal Method
1. This method allows you to provide the evidence/proof to help support your own opinion
whenever you use the Interpretative Method of Analysis for a poem, a play, a novel, a
short story, a movie, a video game storyline, a survey/report, a project, a newspaper article,
a journal article, etc.
2. You must find examples or statements from the primary source and the secondary sources
(such as, library books, journals, lab experiences, interviews, Internet, etc.) to help support
your interpretative opinions.
3. You must provide documentation (i.e., parenthetical citations or footnotes, references, and
works cited) in order to give the authors credit for using their words, ideas, and designs.
Note: You must always use the Interpretative Method and the Literal Method together
within your essay or research paper. These two methods always depend on each other; they
can never be used alone by themselves. Your reader will always expect you to provide your
own opinion and to always provide evidence/proof within the same writing assignment (i.e.,
an essay, paragraphs, reports, tests, or research paper).

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